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Title J2000-SASSCAL ?
Abstract The J2000-SASSCAL library contains various extensions to the J2000 model and allows to build problem tailored adaptations representing flooding, irrgigation, farm dams and contour bank farming. The flood simulation extension is characterized as a conceptual and easily transferable approach that is simultaneously not overly data and resource intensive, as well as easily parameterizable. This extension was developed with the goal of simulating floodplain/wetland inundation within the model. Due to the data scarcity typical of remote catchments, the extension's parameters (HRU elevation and river width) could be obtained from remote sensing data only. On an iterative basis the water height in each river segment is compared to the elevation of its neighboring HRU. In case flooding occurs, the HRU floods its topological connected model entities, until the flood level is too low to spread any further. Technically the distributed water volume is stored in the exceeded depression storage, which interacts with soil and atmosphere. ?
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based on / part or extension of J2000 ?
Distributor (Organisation) or Distributor (Person) FSU / GIScience - Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Department of Geography, Geographic Information Science ?
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Metadata Date Stamp 2017-09-22 ?
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